Statement makeup isnt for everyone but the great thing about graphic eyeliner is that you can take it as far as you want. Women looking for a more subtle shape can do a simple double flick but your face is your canvas if you want to take it further. If youve tried and failed, dont worry, just pick up a set of Diors?Backstage Eyeliners-To-Wear Multi-Wear Adhesive Eyeliner Patches $59 and save yourself the trouble.[?5 New Ways to Wear Eyeliner This Spring?]Images: Imaxtree

BUSINESS VISIONARY AWARD: FRANK FIALKOFF – Fialkoff is the CEO of Haskell Jewels, whose licenses include Kenneth Cole and Betsey Johnson, which along with the other brands owned by Haskell, makes the company one of the largest vendors to Macy’s, J.C. Penney, Kohl’s, and Dillard’s.

She mixed her signature leather with fur, neoprene, PVC tights that almost seemed GGDB Mid Star Sale spray-painted on, all combined with simple cropped and tapered trousers. Focus was on shoulders and necklines and loose leather panels on the sides of skirts and coats brought connotations of Middle Age executioners.

It’s a tie! Not only did Chloe Sevigny and Parker Posey both step out in strange and shiny GGDB Running Sneakers red packages this week, they were caught red-handed at the same event! At a screening of W.E. at the Museum of Modern Art, Parker Posey went for a red hot look but ended up with a meltdown. Things start getting zany with the funny lady’s ill-placed neck ruffle and her addition of red tights (in a different shade), but the webbed toes on her red pumps really make this look eccentric. Just down the red carpet, Chloe Sevigny’s look was just as confusing. Mullet skirts are trending with celebs, but her super-short skirt trailed off in an odd, tangled way and the chunky boots and pleated leather coat (which can’t help but remind me of something from The Matrix) belong more with a rainy weather outfit than as formal outerwear. Weirdest of all, though, is the bunching in the middle—maybe the rest of her skirt is stuck up there.Trend #2: Leather and LacePhotos:, Michael Carpenter/

As for the hair, "Its very clinical and methodical in its precision," said Paul Hanson. "We did a center part and made the hair glossy by giving it a shiny finish. The girls with mid-length hair got a little bend at their hairs tips, which is very 70s Halston." Little surprise CHI was the hair sponsor (is there anyone ggdb shoes sale who has not been obsessed with their hair straighteners since high school?).

In an interview with Carol Squiers for his book Portraits he says "I know my work has changed. My outlook has changed.I think its better than it was." The eroticism deepened and he took more chances. He photographed himself nude in a hospital bathroom mirror using a point and shoot ggdb shoes camera, and perhaps that is the beginning of the change. When he was looking at himself, so recently reborn, and owning the moment through photography.


Applied GGDB Slide Sneakers in what I call my Triangle of Light™—an inverted triangle under each eye extending from the inner corner of the eye, straight down the side of the nose, up to the upper cheekbone and across underneath the lower lash line—it will also brighten the center of your face and enhance your cheekbones (see video below for a demo).