Wear flannel shirts, jeans, overalls, and ball caps. Perfecting the classic redneck look is really very easy because rednecks never think much about their clothes. Just deck yourself out in a flannel shirt paired with jeans, or a T-shirt paired with overalls. Don't forget to put on a ball cap. You can score with ball caps that say "New York Yankees". And if you're feeling the redneck spirit, you can never go wrong with a cowboy hat and work boots.

IMVU, or Instant Messaging Virtual Universe, is a http://www.goldengoosesneakers.it/ beta social networking website that is made available in 2004. The primary goal of IMVU is to gather people from all walks of life to join the network, chat with other users and play their online games. IMVU is differentiated from other social networking sites because you get to experience a three-dimensional chatting and playing.

Determine how much and what kind of clothing you'll need for your trip -- a weekend getaway to the country obviously requires fewer items than a week in the mountains. Will there be laundry facilities where you're going? What kind of weather can you anticipate? You won't need flip-flops for skiing, and camping trips are no place for a nice tie.


While Enbridge (NYSE:EEP) will likely continue its distribution in Q2, it is unlikely cash flow from operations will cover that distribution much less planned capex. EEP is going to need to raise funds. It has a $625 million dollar annual revolver due to be renewed on July 1st and $300 million in notes coming due at the end of this year. With debt / equity at close to 100% in the current market, I think it unlikely the $300 million in notes will be refinanced at an attractive rate. More likely, EEP will be issuing more shares. I can assure you I will not be the one buying them.